The story of cannabis use is thought to date back to 8000BC.

Just imagine – people of the Stone Age, 10,000 years ahead of their time.

Now, testimonials for CBD grow by the day, as do personal stories, news and reviews – alongside likes, comments and shares. And with that, the tale of Budslife began.We began to uncover study, after study, and we were fascinated by what we found.

At the same time, health and wellness seekers all over the world were seemingly doing the same – leading to an explosion in CBD sales.And so the story of modern cannabis began – a fresh era for health and wellness, for those seeking balance and a shift in the way they live.



Everywhere you look we see CBD – everywhere online. On the high street. In the most trusted of health and wellness stores. Yet along with this prevalence comes a new problem – an issue of quality.  

It’s time for an online destination you can trust. 

Only the highest standard of products make it onto our shelves and into our customers’ homes. When you pick and click, you purchase confidence in products that meet the most stringent of tests. We push for change and provide high-quality CBD products of which we can be proud. Never anything less.

Today, Budslife is spreading the word of CBD.

We’re glad you could join us. It’s going to be one fascinating journey.

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