Best Way to Take CBD

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

For those that don’t know, CBD is a natural compound that’s found within a cannabis plant. Concentrated strongly on the resinous flower, it’s safe and non-addictive unlike THC. Once extracted from the hemp plant, its concentration is controlled and distributed into different doses – which is then available via various methods.
In most countries, you’re able to purchase CBD products online, in pharmacies and in some health food shops.
More and more people are discovering the benefits that come with cannabidiol (CBD). A key ingredient to promoting overall good health, it can assist with several conditions including inflammatory pain and arthritis and certain neurological disorders.

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that it’s often linked to due to its relation, it’s non-intoxicating, meaning that you won’t get the same high. It does, however, offer therapeutic effects to soothe and ease any pain or anxieties that you might be facing. Plus, it’s completely legal in the UK – something that many people don’t realise.

Advocated by many celebrities across the world due to soothing and healing properties, it probably comes as no surprise that the CBD market is expected to be worth over £1 billion by 2025 – a huge jump from the current worth of £300 million!

Whether you’ve been thinking about trying CBD for some time or you’re looking at better methods of taking it, here is a brief guide on the best way to take CBD:

How To Take CBD

There are many different CBD options for you to choose from in the market. From inhaling CBD via a vape pen to ingesting CBD gummies and topical options (i.e through patches), each of these choices will absorb the CBD into the body in specific doses. 

Once absorbed into the bloodstream, it can directly interact with cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) alongside the serotonin receptor (5-HT1A) and the vanilloid receptor (TRPV-1) around the body. The method that you choose to take CBD will influence the effect that it has on your body, alongside how long it takes for it to be absorbed. 

When looking at the various options, it’s important to realise that everyone is different. And, therefore, how well each method works will vary depending on the person. With no one-size-fits-all solution, it’s good to look at the different choices and what they can offer you. This will help you to discover the best way to take CBD for you.

Here is a little more information about each option available through Budslife:

Inhaling CBD Via Vaping

Inhaling CBD via a vape is a very popular method globally that took hold of the market a few years ago. A powerful and effective option, it is typically quickly absorbed into the body. 

Because of this, it’s a great choice for those seeking rapid pain relief rather than slow release (that topical application encourages). This is ideal for those suffering from chronic conditions, anxiety or other medical issues that simply can’t wait for the slower release of CBD.

Featuring four basic components including an atomiser, a mouthpiece, a chamber and a battery, a vape pen is the best option if you want a pure CBD experience every time. There are two main ways that you can vape CBD – either through a pre-filled vape pen or a tank-style vaping device.

Although many tobacco smokers may opt for a refillable or disposable tank-style vape, others will opt for a pen style vape due to the concentration of the CBD that it offers. 

Allowing control over the materials and the amount of chemicals that you consume, it’s far less messy and more practical for all CBD users – even if you aren’t used to vaping devices as you don’t have to refill the tanks frequently.

They are also very cost-effective and can be disposed of once you finish all of the e-liquid within them.

How Do They Work?

When you inhale CBD via a vape pen, it will be rapidly absorbed into the alveoli in your lungs. From there, it will enter your bloodstream and travel around the body to give you the therapeutic feeling that you’ve been looking for. Filled with beneficial medical properties, the pulmonary administration it promotes makes it a viable option for both CBD novices and enthusiasts alike. 

Burning CBD oil at the right temperature with a powerful battery (ours has a 3000 mah battery), it offers a discreet experience as you can simply put it back in your bag after using it. 

The CBD vape pen we sell is dynamic and sophisticated, producing a pure stream of CBD vapour allowing you to inhale as much as you require each time. 

How to Use a Pre-Filled Vape Pen

When a vape pen comes pre-filled, it will detail how much CBD is within it – e.g ours has 1000 mg of CBD. 

To use the pen, you simply put it up to your mouth and it will be activated by your breathing. As you inhale, the device will heat and vaporize the liquid, which you can then release into a cloud of delicious vapour as you exhale!

Ingesting CBD Via Gummies or CBD Oil.

If you’re new to the world of CBD, ingesting it could be the first method that you choose. And the most popular option to ingest it is through CBD gummies. Available in a range of strengths and similar in texture to sweets, as you chew the CBD gummies the chemical is slowly released into your body. 

Also popular with those who prefer other types of CBD edibles, they are created with high-quality ingredients and designed to dispose of the often unpopular ‘hemp’ taste that comes with many other options available on the market. 

Made with full-spectrum extract (including terpenes, amino acids and phytocannabinoids), they are all-natural. Some are also vegan, like our CBD gummies and come in a variety of flavours. This allows you to have a unique taste experience each time you try a different one.

How Do They Work?

Quick, convenient and easy to dose, it will be absorbed into your body via the digestive system. Because of this, it typically takes longer to gage an effect than inhaling the CBD. 

Although, of course, everyone’s digestive system will work differently – so some people may feel the effects of the CBD faster than others depending how fast their body breaks it down.

After settling in the digestive tract, the CBD will then travel to the body’s filtration system known as the hepatic portal system. From there, it moves into the liver where the process really gets going. 

The liver will then metabolise the CBD compounds found in the gummies. Breaking the CBD down gradually, it takes the remaining cannabidiol concentration to the bloodstream. Of course, as it breaks it down, the concentration will not be as strong and the effect can take several hours to work – something to keep in mind when looking at them.

How Do You Use Them?

This might be an obvious one, but all you have to do with CBD gummies is put them in your mouth, chew and swallow. Allowing for a consistent serving of CBD, you can calculate how much you’re consuming by the amount of gummies that you eat. 

For example, our gummies are sold in a convenient pack of 10. Each gummy has 20mg of CBD in it, therefore there is 200mg in the total pack.

Topical Application Via CBD Patches

Topical application is also a great choice for both novices of CBD and those who are looking for an alternative method to vaping, gummies or other methods. A popular CBD supplementation for those who don’t like the smell or the taste of oral application, it’s available in several forms including CBD patches that you can place on several different areas of your body.

A high quality option that’s now available, they are often considered to be better for the body than vaping. This is because vaping has a potential of damaging your lungs after prolonged use (similarly, but not as harmful as tobacco), whereas CBD patches only need to be applied directly to the skin in order to be effective and won’t affect your lungs. 

Perhaps the best way to take CBD oil other than vaping, it will be far more effective than simply smearing it onto your skin via a cream. Without a CBD patch, the concentrated chemicals won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream. But with a CBD patch, you can get targeted relief to the area that you want when you want it. 

The Growing Demand of CBD Patches

In the UK, the demand for CBD patches is steadily growing. With a large portion of the now million pound CBD market, it’s looked to increase rapidly over the next few years with more and more people uncovering the power of these patches and opting for these over other options available.

How Do They Work?

With high concentrations, it will break the natural barrier (known as the dermal barrier) that your skin puts up – which therefore, will increase the absorption rates. For example, Budslife CBD patches will provide you with relief in approximately 20 minutes and the effects will last up to 10 hours. This high level of bioavailability makes it an incredibly budget-friendly and potent CBD option!

With CBD patches you also won’t run the risk of taking too much dosage – unlike some of the other options available. This is key in getting the most out of your CBD treatment. With a CBD patch, as it only needs to be applied once a day, you’ll get precision controlled dosage with accurate ratios for your unique requirements.

How Do You Apply them?

CBD patches are very convenient and can be applied easily. All you have to do is wash the area of application, dry it, then peel back the paper on the patch and apply it directly to your skin. Discreet, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the CBD patch for several hours without anyone knowing. Just make sure that you don’t apply the patch to any broken or damaged areas of skin. 

Giving you greater control over your intake of CBD, these clever pre-loaded devices are very flexible for each user.

Final Thoughts – What’s The Best Way to Take CBD?

As aforementioned, the best way to take CBD will depend on your personal preferences and which one complements your unique lifestyle. A highly personalised experience, the most suitable method will vary from person to person; it’s all about finding the method that’s right for you. 

Of course, the most powerful option available is arguably the vape pen – due to its high potency and rapid absorption time. 

If you want a CBD experience that lasts for hours on end, however, then a CBD patch might be your best bet. Although if slow release is what you’re looking for, then CBD gummies might be just the ticket.

When you’re first starting out with CBD, you’ll probably have to try several options until you settle on the best method for you. However, due to the variety of options along with doses now available, you’ll be able to find the right one for you in no time at all – so don’t worry!

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