If you want to try CBD supplementation, but you aren’t sure if it is legal or not – then you have come to the right place! We here at Budslife have the answers to all of your CBD patch questions, including whether or not CBD oil is actually legal in the UK. The short answer is that yes, CBD is legal; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sell it! As with all things in life though, it isn’t quite so straight forward as all that!

The UK CBD Industry

The UK does have a growing CBD industry which is rising in value, year after year. Since the market will be worth an estimated £1 billion by 2025, and since it has largely been unregulated thus far; there have been massive opportunities for corruption. A report released earlier in the year by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis cited that the production and possession of CBD products is legal in the UK – but that manufacturers were:

“…Engaged with a product that can (and often does) touch on what is permissible under the criminal law, as a result of other elements within the same product.”

Worryingly, this same study cited that UK CBD oils bought online often contained other substances, or little-to-no actual CBD.

Buying CBD Online

Buying CBD Online is becoming the favoured method of finding the best CBD supplement for you. Typing ‘buy CBD online near me’ into your search engine of choice is the easiest way to find a supplier by far. Just remember that this doesn’t necessarily guarantee you the best in quality of CBD patches, or in CBD oil purity.

Those who do buy CBD online are frequently stymied by different factors. Some of the things that put people off buying CBD patches or oils include:

  • Legality – lots of people don’t know that CBD patches in the UK are completely legal. You can buy CBD patches online without fear of breaking the law. However, many US states still have tight laws regarding the distribution of CBD oil. This means that American buyers need to check state law before purchasing. If you live in the UK? CBD patches are a totally legal investment.
  • Application – lots of people don’t like the taste of CBD oil. Some hate the texture of oil, and some do not like the smell. When you choose to buy CBD patches online in the UK from Budslife, you can bypass the taste, texture and scent of CBD altogether!
  • Stigma – there are a lot of people that still think CBD is a drug and that it will make them high. Neither of these things are true. CBD is not psychoactive and it is a supplement – not a drug. Once this stigma has been reduced we will start to see more lives changing through CBD supplementation.

Regulating the CBD Industry

There is no doubt that the CBD industry needs more regulation in the UK. Until then, we suggest that if you have any uncertainty orally ingesting CBD substances and then opt for CBD patches in the UK, instead. Patches transmit CBD transdermally, which means they have been laboratory tested to ensure both purity, and bioavailability.

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