In our ever expanding search for healthier lifestyles, the supplement market is growing in ways that we never thought possible. Although this is a great thing, it is leading to a lack of genuine information regarding CBD in the UK. Here at Budslife we come across many CBD misconceptions in our line of work, so we put together this blog post to tackle some of the worst CBD falsehoods.

Some Common CBD Misconceptions

So what are some of the most common misconceptions about both CBD and our CBD UK patches? Let’s find out!

CBD is Cannabis

Although this is true in a broad sense, it isn’t really very accurate. CBD can be taken from either the Hemp or the Cannabis plant. Although these might be the same species, they are very different plants. CBD is technically a compound of Cannabis, but there are several other compounds which all work together to make the plant,

CBD gets you ‘High’

CBD doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive properties that you can find in THC – the other compound commonly extracted from Cannabis. CBD won’t get you high but allows you to supplement your diet effectively without risking failing a drug test!

CBD is a Drug

It is a chemical compound yes; but a not a drug. It is not addictive and it isn’t sold on the black market. It is perfectly safe to take CBD and not suffer any drug-like effects. You can find more information about this on Quora, here.

CBD Patches don’t Work

CBD Patches release a steady dose of CBD through transdermal application all day long. If you want a steady, even dose of CBD supplementation, then CBD patches from Budslife are exactly what you need. They do work, they are not abrasive, and they will keep you supplemented for up to ten hours.

CBD is Illegal in the UK

This is not true! CBD products are completely legal in the UK. You can buy our CBD patches from our online UK-based store, and wear them without fear of breaking the law!

CBD Tastes Strange

You caught us! This one is a bit misleading. Some people don’t like the taste of CBD and some people do. This is down to personal taste and nothing more. For those that don’t like the taste of CBD oil; our UK CBD patches are completely safe, legal, scentless and tasteless! They will steadily release a suitable CBD supplement dose all throughout the day.

Here at Budslife, our transdermal CBD patches allow you to get all the benefits of CBD supplementation without the taste, smell, or feel of oil! You apply it like you would apply a sticking plaster. The patch will then work hard for 8-10 hours to release a steady supply of CBD oil through contact with your skin.

Budslife Transdermal CBD Patches

We supply high quality CBD patches that are saturated in pure CBD oil, for your convenience. When you choose a Budslife CBD patch you can effectively supplement your CBD intake without worrying about the scent, taste, or texture of CBD. Order your UK CBD patches today and let us know what you like best about them, below!

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