What to know about our CBD patches

Every box of our budslife CBD patches will come with 16 CBD patches that you can use as and when you please. Each individual patch is designed to contain and release a full dose of 16mg CBD oil over a long period of time. As such, one patch can see you supplied with the CBD you need for the whole day or night.

Add it all together and our CBD patches come with an overall 256mg of CBD oil-infused right into them. As such, they’re an easy way to make sure you’re always in supply of CBD when you need it and it’s super easy to control the dose.

How CBD patches work

Transdermal patches might be a relatively new method of CBD supplementation, but they have been used for decades now. Most people will already be familiar with either nicotine or birth control patches and the concept is much the same. However, instead of delivering nicotine or birth control medicine, they’re designed to deliver safe levels of CBD directly to the bloodstream.

CBD patches are patches made of an adhesive, safe material that is coated in a solution, gel or oil that contains a carefully measured dose of CBD molecules. This oil also contains permeation enhancers that allow it to better penetrate the skin and carriers that make sure the body can break down the fat-soluble molecules to absorb the CBD more quickly.

As such, the CBD patches deliver CBD straight through your skin cells. Cannabinoids like CBD are lipids, which are also found in the skin cells. As such, CBD can easily and quickly find its way into skin cells, from where they are passed into the blood vessels. Essentially, the skin is treated as a middle man between the blood and the CBD. Then the blood takes the CBD around the bod, allowing to bind with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

Transdermal absorption can be relatively slow since the skin is designed to protect what lies beneath it. As such, the CBD solution and carrier are often combined with permeation enhancers, designed to help the CBD get into the skin much more readily.

Are our CBD patches the right thing for you?

Whether you don’t like the taste of CBD, are worried about your sensitive digestion being disrupted, want a more discreet method of taking it, or simply want a more measured dose throughout the day, our CBD patches can be just the right delivery system you need.

Our CBD patches contain 0% THC please view the lab report for a more detailed breakdown lab report

budslife cbd patches



  • A full dose of 16mg CBD oil, infused into each individual CBD patch
  • One box contains 16 CBD patches for your use.
  • A whopping 256 mg total of CBD oil infused patches!

  • CBD patches don’t have a taste. If you have found that edibles and oils have left a taste that you’re not happy with, you don’t have to deal with them here.

  • CBD patches are perfect for those who have digestive issues. As such, you don’t need to worry about how this product might affect your digestion as you might with edibles.

  • They are totally safe. Our CBD patches have 0% THC, as our lab report can break down. Furthermore, they are designed to release safe and measured levels of CBD throughout the day so you know precisely how much CBD you will be getting from each patch.

  • They spread the benefits of CBD out all day or night. As such, you can benefit from its therapeutic effects for a much longer time.

  • It’s a quicker way of absorbing CBD. Though our patches last all day or all night, patches are absorbed through the skin. Transdermal absorption is largely quicker than digestion since the CBD has to reach the stomach before it’s broken down and absorbed when it’s digested.

  • They are discreet. Our CBD patches are entirely scentless. You don’t need to be concerned about whether anyone knows that you’re using CBD for its therapeutic effects.

Ingredients: CBD total: 256mg in total, 16 mg per patch, excipients: pressure-sensitive medical glue and penetration enhancers (antioxidant, hydrocarbon C5 / C9 and copolymer).


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