CBD has recently gained media attention and renown as being a supplement that we should all be taking. While some people don’t like the taste or smell of CBD oil, most aren’t aware that you can legally buy CBD patches in the UK. What else don’t people know about CBD? That oils come in different strengths!

The Strength of CBD Oil

We are using the term ‘strength’ a little loosely in this blog post. Our transdermal UK CBD Patches are saturated in 16.7mg of CBD oil per patch – but recent media reports have shed some doubt on the quality and strength of other firm’s CBD products.

Renowned international newspaper ‘the Guardian’ report that the UK CBD industry will soon be worth more than a billion pounds. This has led to a surge of interest in the actual quality of the products offered.

For many years the UK cannabis industry has been unkempt, unorganised, and largely taken place through the black market. Although the Cannabis plant is still illegal, CBD needs to be taken from a genus of the cannabis plant. Therefore, we are in a grey area of how the CBD is produced, sold, and supplied in the UK.

New legislation regarding cannabis consumption in the UK was brought about in 2018, when it was decided that medicinal cannabis could be prescribed by doctors. Considering that this occurred in an industry where the growth of the plant is still illegal – even although we are all supplementing with CBD already – you can see how the UK is potentially missing out on a huge growth industry.

If you look closely enough, you can also see the huge potential for corruption.

CBD Industry Corruption

Like any barely regulated area of British law, corruption is bound to flourish. Indeed, we are seeing it already. Strength, or ‘purity’, issues are the main concern. According to the European Pharmaceutical Review cannabis plants may be grown in our country in hemp form. The trouble with this? If the plants get above 0.2% in THC content – they need to be destroyed.

Worse, there have been reports that some brands of CBD oil in the marketplace contain very little CBD. In some tests, they were found to contain none whatsoever. This clearly shows that a lack of legislation has led to an industry that no one truly understands yet. It is also very worrying information for anyone who uses CBD oil and takes it orally. Luckily, there is an alternative.

The Transdermal CBD Patch, from Budslife

Our transdermal CBD patches contain 16.7 mg of CBD in each patch. This dose will be gradually released over time for 8-10 hours. When you use our patches you skip any unknowns of oral application and allow yourself all of the benefits of CBD – without having to worry about either the purity, or the strength.

If you want a UK based CBD patch you can rely on then choose Budslife CBD patches. We guarantee a high quality product that works hard, all day long. CBD supplementation just might save your life… and we could be the ones to help you get there!

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