How Do Transdermal CBD Patches Work?

Many of you may have heard of transdermal patches before – and most will be aware that CBD has increased in popularity recently… But how many people know that you can take you daily dose of this supplement through CBD patches? UK customers can buy these legally and use them completely safely. Not only that, but hemp pain patches can be applied directly to the areas you need them most.

So how do these transdermal CBD patches work> Come to think of it – how does a transdermal patch work? The CBD transdermal patch isn’t the only use of this special method of application. You can also apply Nicotine Replacement Therapy transdermally using the same method.

What is ‘Transdermal’?

Transdermal can be broken down into two parts to better understand the term. The ‘Trans’ part of the word simply means that it can cross between things. The ‘Dermal’ part of the word refers to the skin – whose scientific term is the ‘dermis’.

In fact: you have three layers to your skin. The outer layer is known as the Epidermis, the middle layer is the Dermis, and the deepest layer of your skin is known as the Hypodermis. For a patch to be ‘transdermal’ if only has to transport itself through the first layer. The Dermis contains blood capillaries, connective tissues and glands. If a supplement can reach this layer then it will be passed around the body in the bloodstream.

And the Transdermal Patch?

So we come to have the transdermal patch. This patch is applied to the skin under the arm or on the inside of the thigh. This allows the body to soak up the supplement in the most effective way. Since the epidermis – that’s the waterproof top layer of skin that is mostly made up of dead skin cells – is thinnest in these areas, the active ingredients in cbd patches can reach the dermis faster.

CBD Patches or Hemp Pain Relief Patches?

There isn’t a great deal of difference between hemp pain patches and cannabis patches in the UK. CBD patches are all essentially the same thing. While Cannabis plants contain CBD, so do Hemp plants. Hemp is related to the cannabis plant but does not contain the necessary psychoactive ingredients that might make you high. Both cannabis plants and hemp plants can be grown to produce CBD. Hemp plants have more of it as a general rule.

For these reasons, many CBD patch suppliers choose hemp for pain relief. UK based suppliers tend to rely on hemp to produce their CBD patches. This is because Hemp Farming is not illegal. That being said, a Hemp farmer in the UK must have no more than 0.2% THC in each crop or the crop is classed as cannabis and must be destroyed. This means that it is difficult for hemp farmers in the UK to produce consistent results without setbacks.

While the hemp patches UK reviews are consistently brilliant; the law is preventing the full benefit of cbd patches in the UK. Although you can buy CBD patches in the UK; the majority of products are imported or are being taken from Hemp farms that have had to destroy previous crops.

You can learn more about the intricacies of hemp farming by visiting the British Hemp Association. They seek to educate, and to lobby for, hemp use in a whole array of industries. The plant itself is fibrous and can be used to make rope, bricks, composts, substitute plastics – you name it. There is a reason hemp for pain relief is big in the UK.

Should you Buy CBD Patches or Hemp Patches?

We hinted this above – but the two are one and the same. Not all CBD patches are made from Hemp, but all Hemp patches will contain CBD as their active ingredient. If you are supplementing using transdermal hemp for pain relief UK; then you are using cbd patches. Whether you buy CBD patches or whether you buy hemp patches for pain relief – both will contain the same active ingredients.

The key difference between the two types of cbd patches is actually the material. When you buy hemp pain patches in the UK you are often buying a patch that is made from a carbon negative crop. Sometimes, transdermal patches can be made from plastic or other non-recyclable materials. A hemp pain patch is better for the environment, is bio degradable, and has a lower carbon footprint than a plastic based cbd patch.

What about Cannabis Patches?

Cannabis and the cannabis plant are illegal in the UK. When someone says they are selling cannabis patches UK, they either mean they are selling transdermal CBD patches, or that they are selling hemp pain relief patches. You cannot legally buy cannabis in the UK. If someone promises you they can sell you this then report them to the authorities! A reputable and trusted CBD patch supplier in the UK would never do this. They might use the term ‘cannabis patches’ instead of the term ‘cbd patch’ in an incorrect way.

Where to Get CBD Patches for Sale in the UK?

You can and do get CBD patches for sale in the UK. Here at Budslife it is our specialty product. We are a supplier of CBD patches, UK based for your benefit. When you order from us there is no lengthy wait period, no importation and no quality issue to worry about. We use nothing but pure, good, wholesome CBD to create our exemplary hemp pain patches so you don’t need to look any farther to buy CBD patches in the UK.

A Budslife CBD transdermal patch provides brilliant cbd pain relief in the UK. Best of all, there is no huge waiting time and very little carbon footprint to concern yourself with. If you want hemp pain patches that go the distance to provide the best in alternative application then look no further. Budslife cbd patches are the answer; and you can buy our luxurious cbd patches in the UK, today.

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