We here at Budslife are always going on about CBD – but modern research is constantly uncovering things that we didn’t know about Cannibidiol compounds. We wanted to look at some of the more surprising uses for CBD that we have come across in the scientific field. As ever, the science may surprise you; CBD really is a wonder-supplement!

CBD Study Number 1: Single-Dose CBD Supplements are Safe for Cats and Dogs

That’s right! This study in “Animals” details how the rise in pet owners administering CBD to their animals triggered an investigation into the safety of doing so. The study found that cats and dogs seem to process CBD in much the same way as humans do. The only negative side effect was a possible excessive licking of the oil.

Of course, we do not recommend that you dose any animals! Nor do we suggest that you use a highly-effective Budslife CBD patch on your dog or cat, since these are adhesive and will tear out fur when removed!

Always speak to your vet before administering any supplement to your cat or dog.

CBD Study Number 2: the Clinician’s Guide to Cannabidiol and Hemp Oils

This study should be considered the benchmark standard industry guide for healthcare workers on using or administering CBD. However, since there has been so much trouble over the legality of UK CBD oils and patches, this guide was only just published by the Mayo Clinic in August 2019.

This study is remarkable because medicinal cannabis and CBD have been available in many countries for many years now. Despite this; we have only just developed a user guide. More work needs to be done to research the effects of CBD supplementation on the body – but this is an excellent starting point.

CBD Study Number 3: Transdermal CBD Absorption really works!

In one study conducted by Pharmacol, the benefits and efficacy of the transdermal patch method of CBD application was tested. The study measured permeability – that’s the ability of the skin cells to absorb and pass on the CBD molecules – against the length of time taken for absorption to ensue. IT was found that transdermal patches gradually released product all day long.

Providing the CBD oil in your UK transdermal patches is of good enough quality – just like the ones you buy from Budslife – you should have a highly bio-available formula that works wonders on your wellbeing! The study concluded that CBD transferred very well when measured against two other controls. Supplementing CBD with patches is an excellent alternative for those that hate the taste of CBD!

Other Benefits of our UK CBD Patches

Our CBD patches aren’t just a great alternative to smoking or eating CBD; they are also:

  • Long lasting – each patch will provide CBD supplementation for up to 10 hours!
  • High Quality – each patch contains 16.7 mg CBD oil.
  • Available now – you can buy UK CBD patches online, here, right now!

So join the revolution and start supplementing with CBD the alternative way!

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