CBD Patches have long been used to combat long term medical issues and chronic illness and there are certainly plenty of reasons to rave about them. A CBD transdermal patch resembles a Band-aid and is a flexible and comfortable piece of plastic which is infused with the cannabinoid CBD. CBD is slow releasing and can create lots of benefits, which are related to both physical and mental conditions, including anxiety. Transdermal refers to the product being released through the skin and into the bloodstream, often placed on venous areas of the body which are more likely to absorb the product more efficiently and effectively.

The History Of CBD Patches

How to Use A CBD Patch

n the early part of the 21st century, Cannabis was legalized for medical and recreational reasons and this is what led to the very practical solution of a CBD patch. A non-invasive way of absorbing cannabis into the body. Cannabis has been around for many years and although it seems a modern breakthrough, the market stretches back to the 1940s. Modern CBD history begins in 1946 however when it was used in medicine. Today it certainly is not as taboo as it used to be, and for good reason. Cannabis has proven benefits across the board and its legalization proves this. CBD is one of many chemical compounds within the cannabis plant. There are other compounds that can be sourced from the plant. Hemp is a variety Cannabis Sativa plant.

How To Use CBD Patches

CBD patches have the benefit of being an extremely efficient cannabinoid delivery method and usually when it is applied directly onto the skin, 50% reaches the bloodstream. It is often a preferred method over ingestion as the liver often breaks down the cannabis and it does not get transferred into the bloodstream, or at least not enough to feel any massive effects. You can purchase hemp patches in the UK now.

The way that the patch works is by using your body heat as an indicator to activate the patch. It then causes it to release a very small amount of THC through the skin and into the blood. It has a similar concept to intravenous methods without any needles or pain! It will not affect your mind in the same way smoking may, in fact it should not have any impact other than working on the areas that you desire, pain receptors for example and your anxiety. If you are concerned about any side effects, it is important to note that there are rarely any side effects of CBD patches and if there are any, they are likely to be very minor indeed. You may experience things such as dry mouth, interference with other medications due to the liver breakdowns but these are rare. The important thing with a transdermal method is that the product is immediately placed into the body whilst bypassing any other organs which could interfere with its medicinal value. This way, you are fully getting the benefit of the CBD.

CBD Patch with time of Use

Types of patches available

Budslife CBD Patch and Box

There are currently two types of CBD patches available. They are known as the Matrix and Reservoir. Although they may look similar, they are different in form and there are some major differences, which means it’s important to look at how they work and the differences to work out which will be best for you. 

Matrix – In a matrix patch, the CBD is infused into the matrix of the patch itself, possibly the adhesive sticky area of the patch. When this is stuck onto the skin, the CBD begins to move from higher to lower concentration areas. The dose that you receive will be dependent upon the dosage within the adhesive area of the patch. 

Reservoir -This patch is slightly different to the Matrix because it holds all of the CBD within the patch itself. Often this is with a gel and it is released through a rate-controlling membrane. This is found between the adhesive and your skin, so the way in which it releases is slightly different.

What makes CBD so desirable?

With CBD patches you can discreetly wear your patch under your clothing, so nobody knows you are wearing it. Whether that’s at work, at an event, even at the gym, you can have your CBD patch on all day and feel its effect without any invasive methods. The strength of the patch is much purer which means you are absorbing a much better dosage from other methods which make it a great choice. Anything that goes into the stomach is broken down quickly, both the good and the bad as your stomach is unable to determine which chemicals are beneficial or a threat, they just dilute accordingly. They also last much longer than other methods which means that you do not have to take any more during the day. It’s a simple form that provides lots of benefits. 

It has a gentle effect on the body without disrupting any other organs or bodily systems, and it is effortless without having to cook, create or roll any type of joint in order to ingest it. CBD also stops the THC from causing any issues throughout the body, such as causing any negative effects.  

High-quality, organic hemp patches UK is some of the purest products on the market. It also creates a wonderful material for transdermal patches but you must ensure that you are buying 100% pure and organic CBD patches that are approved. Everyone can benefit from CBD in one way or another because it assists multiple medical issues, including diabetes, promotes bone growth, reduces seizures and convulsions, reduces blood sugar levels, aids sleep and decreases inflammation and these are just some of the many ways in which they can assist. There are many reasons to add CBD to your life, and without the worry of any side effects, you can enjoy it daily.

You should consider buying responsibly and from the best dispensaries. This way you can purchase the very best CBD patches to aid you with your physical and mental issues and start to see the positive effects that it can have on you.  

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