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What Does CBD Stand For?

The abbreviation ‘CBD’ stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the many compounds that you find in the Cannabis plant. THC is another cannibidiol that you may have heard of. Though both of them are from the same plant they are two completely different things.

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What’s the Difference between CBD and THC?

The CBD that you find in our CBD patches does not contain any THC.

While CBD is a commonly used supplement with no known nasty side effects – THC is the compound within the Cannabis plant that makes you ‘high’.

The presence of the psychoactive molecules in THC is the main difference between THC and CBD patches. In the UK, THC is also illegal, while CBD is not.

This is because CBD is a clean and healthy substance which doesn’t have the ‘dope-like’ effects that you can get from THC.

In fact, the only similarity between THC and CBD is that they come from the same species of plant.

In some instances CBD can be harvested from hemp plants too, whereas THC must come from the cannabis plant.

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What does THC Stand for?

THC stands for Tertrahydricannabinol and it is illegal in the UK. Our CBD patches contain no THC and are therefore completely legal.

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CBD is Now Available in Patch Form!

Many people want to enjoy CBD supplementation but struggle to do so because they don’t like the taste, the smell, or the feel of oral application.

To solve this problem, Budslife now supply CBD in patch form, throughout the UK. You can use the Budslife CBD patches for pain, or apply a CBD patch for anxiety.

Whatever reason you choose this high quality supplement, you are sure of satisfaction, when you choose Budslife

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Wait – I can buy CBD Patches in the UK?

Yes! You can! CBD is a completely legal cannabis extract. It does not contain any of the Tertahydrocannibinoids that you are associated with THC. It is these compounds which contain the psychoactive effects cannabis has. 

Since CBD has no psychoactive properties it isn’t really a drug, it is a supplement. It means you can take all the goodness from cannabis and use it – and nobody needs to worry about ‘being high’.

So yes, you can buy CBD patches legally in the UK. You can even buy CBD patches in the UK now that the technology has been developed.

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Why Choose CBD Patches from Budslife

When CBD is taken orally it can leave an oily taste that not everyone loves. When you choose CBD patches instead, you get the benefits of CBD consumption without having to endure the foul taste.

CBD patches are far better than smoking or vaping as both of these methods of taking CBD have the potential to damage your lungs. Smoking is not for everyone! Luckily, CBD patches in the UK are here to help you out.

Whether you are interested in using a CBD patch for anxiety or whether you want to try a CBD patch to manage pain – we have the highest quality patches, made from only the purest CBD.

CBD patches from budslife are also slow release. This means that you do not have to re-dose throughout the day. While oral supplementation might mean you having to taste CBD two or three times a day; CBD patches only need a single application!

Since you do not need to take our CBD patches orally you will not risk digestive upset or stomach pain.

So if other methods of CBD supplementation haven’t worked for you, buying CBD patches in the UK could be the best alternative!

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The Difference between a Hemp Oil Patch and a CBD Oil Patch

Where THC represents the psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant, and where CBD represents the health benefits; Hemp oil is yet a third contestant. Hemp is similar to the cannabis plant, but it has been bred to be tall and stalky. The stocks are repurposed into Hemp Crete, rope, clothing, and other natural goods.

Hemp oil is not CBD oil – although you can extract CBD from a Hemp plant. It has very similar benefits to CBD oil and can also come in hemp oil patch form. If you are buying CBD patches online in the UK then make sure you are choosing the correct patches!

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How to apply a budslife CBD Patch

Our CBD Patches from the UK work by transferring CBD oil through your skin and into your system. No matter what you need CBD for; application will be the same.

Follow these steps to ensure that you are applying the budslife patch in the correct way:

  1. Wash the area of application so that it is clean. Do not apply if the skin is broken or damaged. Applying to a nearby area will have the same effect.
  2. Dry the area thoroughly. The last thing you want is for our quality UK CBD patches to slip off because they are wet!
  3. Peel the paper backing from our premium patches and apply directly to the skin.
  4. Cover with your clothing and you will get CBD patch health benefits all day long – and nobody will ever know unless you tell them!


We get a lot of questions about our fantastic budslife CBD patches. We put together some of the most commonly asked questions to try and save you a little time!

Q) Will a CBD patch get me high?

A) Absolutely not! It has none of the psychoactive compounds you find in cannabis.

Q) Can CBD treat back pain?

A) We would advise you to see your Doctor for back pain.

Q) Where Can I Buy CBD Patches?

A) You can buy them here, through budslife.

Q) How long do CBD patches take to work?

A) You will start to notice a difference within around 20 minutes of application.

Q) Can you treat Anxiety with CBD patches?

A) We recommend you see your Doctor if you want to use CBD patches for anxiety.

Q) Are CBD patches legal in the UK?

A) CBD patches are completely legal in the UK. You can effectively treat both pain and anxiety using CBD patches without fear of breaking the law!