Those that want to try supplementing with Budslife high quality CBD patches are often put off because they mistakenly believe CBD is a drug. We put together this short blog to talk you through the many differences between CBD and cannabis, to try and put your mind at ease. The truth of the matter is that CBD and Cannabis are very different things, even though they are related.

What’s the relationship? CBD is one of more than a hundred different compounds that all come together to make the cannabis plant. So yes, the two are related… but in the same way as he words “chalk” and “cheese” both start with a “ch”…

The Cannabis Plant’s Relationship with CBD

OK. So we can get CBD, one of the hundred or so compounds in the cannabis plant, from any species of plant that comes under the genus of ‘cannabis’. This means that we can get CBD from a hemp plant, even though a hemp plant is not psychoactive, smokable, or able to get you high. In fact, the Hemp variety of the Cannabis genus has to have less than 0.2% THC in it in the UK or the crop will be destroyed.

THC is the compound in cannabis plants which gives them their ability to make you feel ‘doped up’. It is the THC – a compound just like CBD – that makes you high. CBD does not contain THC, even though a cannabis plant does. Keep in mind that the cannabis plant contains another hundred or so other compounds. Weirdly, THC and CBD have opposite effects on the mind – at least according to one study in the National Library of Medicine.

In fact, the good people over at Discover Magazine have put together a list of all of the known cannabinoid compounds that aren’t THC – just to prove this exact point. They name at least 85 compounds and 27 terpenes which can be individually isolated – all of which don’t make you high.

While we are on the subject; a terpene is a specific compound that gives a substance its taste and smell. CBD contains the Pinene terpene – which is the terpene known for giving pine trees their fragrance. Among all this science, we have a tendency to forget that cannabis is a plant… not a lethal weapon.

Still Worried about Buying CBD Online?

Despite being presented with all of this evidence: some people still worry about taking CBD oil. This is understandable. The lack of regulation has led to all sorts of sneaky products being added to oils. We here at Budslife sell high quality CBD patches that you can buy online. This alternative method of application means you aren’t ingesting anything that might do you damage.

When you choose CBD patches in the UK, the CBD is transmitted into your system through the skin. There is no taste, no scent, and no discomfort! It also allows you to have a safe and clean CBD experience from a product you can trust.

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