We here at Budslife are the first to admit that CBD supplementation isn’t meant for everyone. Some people do not like the taste or texture of the oil itself. Many people are put of oral application by the smell or feel of it… For all those, the transdermal CBD oil patch is the UK based alternative method of application that you need to know about!

Transdermal Patches are Not a New Thing!

While CBD is currently experiencing a boost in exposure and sales; the industry is seeking around for more and more methods of application. While most are happy enough to bare the taste of CBD, some can’t stand either this or the smell produced when smoking or vaping it. As an answer for those few, the science of the transdermal patch was applied to buying CBD online.

The Transdermal patch has a bit of a history and was first approved by the American FDA as long ago as 1979. These early patches were used as a treatment for motion sickness, operated in the same way as a Band-Aid, and contained no CBD whatsoever!

Later, ‘transdermal’ medications (which are medications that are allowed to pass through the skin in order to provide relief) were applied to Nicotine Replacement Therapy. The Nicotine Patch was born. It would take until after 2015 until we saw this same technology being applied to the use of CBD. CBD patches are now perfectly legal in the UK. They work in a very similar way to nicotine patches in that they pass the supplement through the layers of the skin.

The Benefits of CBD Patches

There are a number of benefits to using CBD supplementation in this way. When you buy CBD patches online in the UK you get:

  • There is no taste – you can avoid the texture of oil in your mouth, too!
  • You don’t need to dose intermittently – one application lasts all day long!
  • They are long-lasting – a single transdermal CBD patch from Budslife UK contains 16.7 mg of CBD and will last for up to 10 hours, so you don’t need to remember to re-take your oil more than once per day!
  • Self-Adhesive and easy to use – apply he Budslife CBD patches to a clean area of skin and they will stick there to release CBD all day or night long.
  • No Measuring – when you choose a UK CBD patch the doses and pre-made and you don’t need to worry about mixing your own!

Or transdermal CBD patches are affordable, easy-to-use, and suitable for all skin types. They allow the world of CBD supplementation to be open to everyone – even those that don’t like the taste, scent, or feel of CBD oil.

CBD Patch Application

We recommend that you clean and dry the area you wish to stick your patch to before application. IT is further suggested that the area under your arms or on the inside of the thigh will provide maximum absorption.

Once you are ready to apply a transdermal CBD patch all you need to do is open the individual packet, peel the patch from the backing, and secure it in position on your body. You will then receive a measured, gradual dose of CBD all day long!

You can buy UK CBD patches online through Budslife.

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