A transdermal patch isn’t a new-fangled piece of technology – in fact; they have actually been around for quite some time. When we say that you can get a CBD transdermal patch in the UK through Budslife, we mean that you can get an established, time-tested method of supplementation, through which you can use our high quality CBD.

What is ‘Transdermal’?

This is phrase derived from the Latin language, and therefore we can assume that it is a medical term! In fact, the ‘trans’ part of the word means that it allows things to pass through, or to ‘transition between’. The ‘dermal’ part of the phrase simply refers to your skin. The layers of the skin are known as the ‘dermis’ layers of cells.

When we put the two translations together we get the essence behind the idea. Something that is transdermal – not unlike our UK transdermal CBD patches here at Budslife – will transfer something into the skin. The beauty of using a patch to do this is that it is a non-invasive way to treat yourself with any supplement you choose.

Historic Examples of Transdermal Patch Use in the UK

Still sceptical about our method of application? Think back to some of these other UK products that use the transdermal patch method to treat issues.

NRT – Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

NRT has long been using the transdermal patch to treat nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These patches work in a similar way to the transdermal CBD patches in the UK. They very gradually release small doses of nicotine all day long. This ensures the symptoms of withdrawal are kept at bay while the smoker breaks free of the habit.

Deep Heat Patches

Deep heat patches do the same thing: they deliver heat to your skin in areas of discomfort. They can be applied to the inside of your clothing or to your own skin but you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you don’t burn yourself. These might not be CBD transdermal patches in the UK, but they are an example of how we have been using this technology here for quite some time now.

The Transdermal CBD Patch is Big in the US, too

Across the pond the transdermal patch is well underway as a favoured method of prescription medication application for those patients who find treatment troublesome. Some people cannot swallow tablets, or do not like the taste of medications. Several studies like this one, in the National Library of Medicine, have seen the transdermal patch celebrated as a genius innovation that improved quality of life for patients everywhere.

Does Transdermal Work? You Decide!

Studies do show that the transdermal patch is an effective method of application for other medications and drugs. Transdermal CBD patches in the UK are an effective means of supplementation for those that struggle to take CBD orally or otherwise.

Will transdermal CBD patches work for you? Most people will agree that they should – but there is only one way to find out for sure! Try them for yourself today and feel free to leave us a review!

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